Idea Alchemica S.R.L., established in 2006, was founded by Mr. Roberto Botrini and Dr. Bruno Pieraccini. Mr. Roberto Botrini has long experience in the development of new and classical articles and in products application. Dr. Pieraccini Bruno worked many years in the research and development of products for application, including a complete range of beamhouse and wet end chemicals and auxiliaries. Apart of our traditional range of chemicals, we offer tailor made products specially developed to fit particular requirements. We offer a complete technical assistance directly, or through our local Agents, on leather articles production, products application and all solutions to meet the state of art limitations on forbidden chemicals. Our research and development team works closely with our customers to supply long lasting and effective solutions to everyday's leather industry challenge. Our mission is to continue giving service and developing chemicals to achieve our customers' goals and satisfaction.



Here is where our mission takes shape; for a chemical environmentally friendly.


Our Research & Development department is working constantly to analyze, test and creation of new products.


A large area where the production takes place and storage.


Satisfy our customers to improve our products, this is our work philosophy .